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Proven Technology

  • Immediate ADA compliance

PCC guarantees a precise, gentle slope, and a zero point of differential the full width of the slab.

  • Extraordinary cost savings

PCC eliminates trip hazards at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

  • Clean process

Our exclusive, patented containment system captures dust and keeps your property neat.

  • Fast, efficient repairs

Typical sidewalk trip hazards are removed in 10 to 15 minutes, with minimal disruption.

  • Patented technology

PCC has been awarded six U.S. patents for methods and technology that enable us to provide the best available trip hazard removal service to our clients.

  • Detailed, audit-able reports

Upon completion, PCC provides comprehensive documentation of the areas inspected and the location and measurements of every repair.

  • Environmentally Responsible

PCC maintains existing sidewalks, preventing concrete waste and reducing the use of fossil fuels.  We recycle removed concrete and we never injure trees or damage landscaping.

  • Unparalleled professionalism

Each job is staffed with a OSHA-30 certified supervisor on site.  We take pride in our superior services and workmanship.  Our goal is always 100% satisfaction - 100% of the time.

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